About Us

MadArt is an independent artspace located in central Dublin established in 2008. Very convenient location (close to the LUAS and Connolly DART station) makes it an ideal place for any art event. More than 90 m2, divided into three rooms with high ceilings and victorian windows makes a perfect creative environment.

MadArt Gallery is a perfect space for every art lover including artists and viewers!

We are looking for creative people with strong passion, unique style, interesting technique and good ideas. Artists showing their works at MadArt don’t have to be art collage graduates but they definitely have to be experienced in the specific area of art.

MadArt’s main mission is to unite artists, to help them to get inspiration and support from each other in such a difficult profession. We don’t support any “in-crowds” creating an open and friendly space for everyone who knocks on our door regardless of their age, nationality, education, past achivements…

We are interested in many different types of creativity: street art, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, graphic, textile work, ceramic, sculpture…


In 2013 we’re not planning to exhibit any artists at MadArt. Below are the photos of MadArt gallery space available in years 2010-2012.


MadArt Gallery exhibits works of local designers, jewellery makers, crafters, fine artists to help them to promote and sell their work. We want to create a unique collection filled with fabulous and truly original, professional art from handmade jewellery and accessories to prints, drawings, cards, furniture, clothes, ceramics, toys…and much more (any ideas?)

All artwork will be exhibited at MadArt Gallery, 56 Lower Gardiner St, Dublin 1 during the opening hours:Tue – Sat @ 10am – 5.30pm as well as during exhibitions and events.

Everything sold will be original artwork and hand-made by professionals. Revenues will go directly back to the maker – helping to keep this fantastic home-grown industry alive.


MadArt Studio also supports amateur artists by offering a selection of different courses. Our goal is to give knowledge and experience in specific areas of art and answer all possible questions to prepare young people to perform such a challenging profession. We would like to give an idea of how professional artists really work and also help to develop important skills like building a website, portfolio or taking photos of their works. Courses available at MadArt Studio: web design course, oil painting and drawing course, arcylic painting and drawing course, studio photography and photo editing course, life drawing classes.


MadArt Gallery offers lovely, bright and spacious room with victorian windows on the ground floor of the old beautiful georgian building with an access to a toilet, small kitchen and access to the internet (suitable for 15 people, tables, sofas and chairs available).

Very convenient location (close to the LUAS and Connolly DART station) makes it an ideal place for any type of workshop.


MadArt Gallery invites you to creative sessions every Saturday ! Grab a few tubes of paint and some brushes or whatever you need to create your art and just come to the Gallery between 10am and 5pm to meet other like-minded people in a nice relaxing atmosphere and improve your skills in a quick and easy way. If you don’t want to create but you just would like to spend some time with other artists come to MadArt to have cup of tea or coffee or glass of wine with us. We just want to meet you and talk with you about art, life, passion, problems…everything you would like to talk about. Express yourself in anyway, In a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

*tea, coffee, snacks and some of materials provided
*fee €10 per day


In general MadArt Gallery & Studio is not only four white walls fully prepared for exhibitions, but it is also an independent place where artists can get experience, inspiration, knowledge, support, professional help…anything they may need to become more confident and to develop their career.

General Conditions for 2012

For more information please contact us.